Online casino with instant withdrawal

When you play online casino for money, you have a need for withdrawal of winnings. Most players are looking for an online casino with an immediate withdrawal of money. Therefore, game clubs are trying to simplify this procedure to all payments occur as soon as possible. But to the derivation of money not to run into difficulties, especially Heed to the registration procedure in the casino. It is also necessary to consider that the withdrawal of money from the casino will always be faster if specify the same account from which conducted recruitment.

Clubs with the cashout

To withdraw money, won at the casino, you need to log into the "Cashier" and select "Cash-out». If a direct link to the web site is not, there can be accessed through your gamer profile. You just need to decide which of the payment system is most convenient for you and with the help of a system can be made an immediate withdrawal of money from the casino.


This payment service is one of the most popular on the Internet. To withdraw money from the casino must specify the 11-digit number of your purse. Please note that the letter at the beginning of the purse identifier indicates its currency. For example, the ruble wallet marked with the letter R, and the dollar - Z. And withdraw money even from the system Webmoney you can on many services. One of the most popular is the withdrawal of money in the bank card.

VISA and MasterCard

Using the game of online casino withdrawals to VISA or MasterCard, you save money on mediation services and payment systems. Also, you can withdraw money with a credit card instantly, as soon as they arrive at her.

Why the casino refused or delay payments?

Any responsible online casino provides a situation where the payment does not happen instantaneously, but with some delay. This is done to protect the account from being stolen funds, as well as for fraud detection. In all doubtful cases the casino refuses to pay the money.

Wrong registration data

This problem is one of the most common, as novice players often do not realize the importance of correct all the fields. Some people just are not willing to disclose their personal details for fear of breach of confidentiality. These fears are completely unfounded, because all information is stored in encrypted form. Do not forget, all data must be specified as well as in the documents.

Poor-quality scans of documents

To check your personal data, including age, gaming clubs require submission of documents. Of course, the scanner has not every player, but casino without problem and take a photo, if it is done efficiently. But some people still provide blurred photos or images from the digital traces. In this case, the casino has every right to delay payment of the scan, meeting all requirements.

The using of different payment systems

When making deposits you are using one service and are trying to withdraw funds on the other, it is to expect instant withdrawal of prizes in online slots of the casino is not worth it. In order to protect against theft Game Club to check whether the specified account belongs to the owner of the account. And because people are reputable casinos pretty much checking procedure can take up to 24 hours. Do not worry if payment systems are given the same data, then transfer to happen immediately after verification of data from the casino.